I am a privileged person. For a number of years now, I have lived all over Canada and the world, and worked with some of the most wonderful people you can imagine.

As a communication consultant and social activist, I have shared the frustrations and rewards of working with good people to advance economic and social rights for everyone.

Now I want to do more to create a Canada in which everyone is proud and prosperous. As a communications manager and consultant, I have facilitated dialogue and decision making with diverse groups  of people. I have been able to help create understanding, awareness and consensus where differences and disagreements prevailed before.

In my community I have been a promoter of community economic development and particularly of social enterprise. I was on the Boards of  of Inner City Renovation and Mother Earth Recycling for over a decade – social enterprise that work to provide genuine training, employment and public service. I was a volunteer Manager with NEECHI COMMONS, an indigenous worker cooperative that was charting the way for community development in Winnipeg’s famous north end.

Until recently I was the Executive Director of the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg. The Council has been a defender of the rights of low income residents of the City for almost 100 years. Today we face huge challenges in the struggle to eliminate poverty and social exclusion.

I welcome comments and suggestions on what I am doing.

Look at the Experience section for more detail on my professional background.

5 Responses to Biography

  1. Michael Murphy says:

    Hi Dennis. Looks like you have continued to do fine work, good for you. I retired from Development and Peace six years ago and remain active in our local Peace Coalition and Community Association. I have been doing some writing, including a play for this year’s Saskatoon Fringe.
    I’m playing “the Best of Bob Seger’ as i write and thinking of Krempien, who shuffled about the dance floor to Seger’s music. The anniversary of Brian’s death was quite recent. We have arranged to have his name put on the list of future street and park names.
    Would you consider sending me your recollections of BK? Who knows, i may be able to pull together a book or website using the recollections of those who knew him, including myself.

    All the best. I’m not likely to be i Winnipeg but if you ever come this way, do let me know.

  2. Hi Dennis..

    I have some question regarding InnerCity Renovations…particularly with the accounting/GM returning phone calls and emails. Perhaps since you are still on the Board with them, perhaps you could encourage them to call Redwood Painting and Decorating, we still have outstanding business.

    • Marie
      My apologies. I rarely check these messages so only saw this message today.
      I am no longer associated with Inner City. Regrettably! So I cannot help.
      I hope by now you have connected with Dan or Alain Molgat the chair of the Board.
      If you still need information please call me at 793 3289

  3. LuAnn Siekas says:

    Hey,Denny, just read about you on the internet. I am sitting with Perry and Lois Miller in Arizona. God bless you always, LuAnn Holden Siekas

    • I am amazed. So good to hear from you folks. It has been such a long time.
      I hope you are all well. Can I assume you are enjoying retirement and the warmth of Arizona!!!!
      Do you keep in touch with Jane? I have not talked to her in 20 years.
      I would love to reconnect and hear what life has provided you.

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