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Communications professional with work experience on three continents and in the fields of public consultations, mass communications and social marketing.

Pandemic Perspective

One of the effects of the pandemic, or a positive spin-off, has been the appreciation of our social or cooperative instincts. We have taken great pride in acknowledging how Canadians have helped each other or banded together (often virtually) to … Continue reading

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Assault on Congress

Is the invasion of the US Congress the final contortion of a dying manipulation of American democracy OR the first day of a transformation of American democracy. Merle Streep, February 2017: “If we live through this precarious moment,” she said. … Continue reading

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Let’s take back ‘Populism’

For some time now I’ve been troubled by how conventional news media and our political leaders have co-opted the term ‘populist’ .  The term is now used to describe mass movements with ultra conservative or extreme right-wing qualities.  The term … Continue reading

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Who Won the Presidential Election – no one!

Today, November 4th: Don Trump said this morning he won the election. He is right. I think his objective is to be disruptive and he has achieved that and more. The news media reports the result of the election is … Continue reading

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Is Reality now Imitating Fiction

I watched CNN news when the second plane hit the World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001. I had just come into my hotel room in Kampala, Uganda around 4:20pm and thought I was watching an apocalyptic movie. It took … Continue reading

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Follow up to Wade Davis article

The Unraveling of America : Anthropologist Wade Davis on how COVID-19 signals the end of the American era. In Rolling Stone, July 2020 In this article Davis eloquently and intelligently outlines the history of cataclysmic change and what America has become in … Continue reading

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Has the Revolution Started … and am I left behind?

The world seems to be on the edge of a transformative change. Is something bigger happening or am I just wishful thinking? And because of covid am I and others sidelined. Like many of you, I have been watching the … Continue reading

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Protests and demonstrations against racism are putting pressure on institutions and individuals to change. This is necessary and healthy for all of us. Part of one major demand of the protestors is systemic* change in policing. Again this is necessary … Continue reading

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Are international Trade deals delivering on their Promises?

 Soon, Canadians will be facing new debates over multilateral trade agreements. The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA was challenged by voters in one region of Belgium. Hopefully we will soon have an opportunity to speak to government about the … Continue reading

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Change will come to the CP Rail yards

Developing the CP rail yards still an Opportunity Last month the Manitoba government terminated the task force set up under the previous government to consider moving the Canadian Pacific rail yards out of inner city Winnipeg. While we don’t know … Continue reading

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