Celebrations in 2019

A number of events were held during the sprint of 2019 for the 100th anniversary of the General Strike. Here are a few events that drew in hundreds of people. Overall the celebrations put the Strike back on the social map of the city. Dozens  of people provided Strike tours, organized union events and marched in the Strike parade. Behind the scenes were historians, community activists and labour leaders who had a passionate respect for the strikers and what the Strike means for social justice today.


Launch of Magnificent Fight, my book on the Strike.  McNally Robinson, May 2nd, 

1919 Strike Conference, May 8-11, University of Winnipeg

Myers LLP Social, May 11, 2019, Ukrainian Labour Temple

Mb Building Trades Gala Dinner, May 15, 2019, Convention Centre

UFCW Parade & CUPE Concert, May 25th, 2019, Exchange district to Memorial Park

Sympathetic Strike Tour, May 26, North end/South End/Exchange

MGEU Concert, June 8, 2019, Old market square

STRIKE the Musical, June 19- July 9 Rainbow Stage


100th Anniversary of the Ukrainian Labour Temple (February 14), event on April 26

MayWorks Festival of Labour and the Arts, May, numerous locations

Premier of  STAND the movie based on STRIKE the Musical, May 15

Social Planning Council of Winnipeg, 100th Anniversary, April 26th 



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